PUBG Mobile concludes unlikely Valentine’s Day partnership, releases heartwarming video

The team behind PUBG Mobile just posted an odd yet heartwarming video of Valentine’s Day, taken from the Dream Team: My Heartfelt Message event submissions.

You can watch it below, but just in case you want a bit of context, the event allowed players to create custom pop-up banners, airplane maps, and other great gestures to communicate their affection for other players.

These submissions weren’t just romantic in nature, despite the Valentine’s Day decor. In addition to soft things, you will see expressions of affection between siblings and friends.

But you’ll also see some gooey romantic stuff between couples, including partners who met through PUBG Mobile.

It’s an eclectic and international lineup of influencers bombarding love, and – aside from a few harsh mentions of PUBG Mobile – a very good thing in our opinion.

Once you’ve looked at it and dried your eyes, you can download PUBG Mobile for free on the Google Play Store.