PUBG Mobile’s Latest Anti-Cheat Measures Include Replay Exam System

The team behind PUBG Mobile just revealed a list of new measures aimed at slapping cheaters.

These measures address a range of unsportsmanlike behavior, such as installing plugins, using auto aim, applying other hacks, and generally being a jerk.

Some of the cheat methods in the PUBG Mobile Team’s finder include ‘Z and M Plug-Ins’ (the names have been changed to prevent you from Google searching for them and becoming a cheater yourself).

These plugins allow players to kill their opponents immediately after skydiving, which is clearly messed up. Jailbroken Android devices that activate these plugins have been identified and their owners have been subject to ten-year bans.

Additionally, the anti-cheat moves prevented around 20 types of auto-aiming, with new detection protocols being added all the time. And the Grass Hack has been eliminated.

More interestingly, PUBG Mobile is getting a replay review system, which will allow players to help the Anti-Cheat Team identify and apprehend poop.

You can download PUBG Mobile for free now from the Google Play Store.