PvP Brawler Smash Legends Gets New Character, New Modes & More

Smash Legends, the PvP brawler based on fairy tale characters, has received a new update that adds even more craziness to the experience. There are characters, modes, new challenges. What else do you want?

The new character is called Flare. They are snipers which means you can defeat your enemies from long range. You can unlock Flare in the new Season 3 pass, “Troublemakers, move out”.

Elsewhere there are two new modes. Custom allows you to change a variety of settings, changing the number of players and the game mode to create a game that suits your tastes. Players can also attend personalized games.

Then there’s Team Deathmatch: Giant. This is a variation of the regular Team Deathmatch mode, which sees characters grow bigger and stronger as they take damage. I bet that makes for some pretty interesting tunes.

Finally, there’s a new Legendary Mission event that starts today and runs through July 6. Complete each character’s daily missions and you’ll unlock in-game bonuses, from key doublers to event-exclusive profile picture frames.

If it made you want to dive into the world of Smash Legends, you can grab the game for free from the play store by clicking here.