Racing Master is a promising racer with a boring name, soon to be from Codemasters and NetEase

NetEase has announced that it is working on a mobile racing game in conjunction with Codemasters, the studio behind the popular DiRT and GRID series.

Racing Master, as the project boringly calls it, is being developed by NetEase affiliate Dahua Studios, and is headed for an open beta later this month in Canada and the United States.

The trailer below doesn’t give much in terms of gameplay, bur Racing Master looks more like GRID than DiRT. He also looks very polite.

Being a NetEase title, this is most likely a free game. But what kind of free game? It could be a conventional racer monetized with IAPs, like the Real Racing games, or it could be closer to the upcoming Project Cars GO – i.e. a CSR-style drag racer.

We will find out soon enough. In the meantime, you can pre-registration for Racing Master on the official website of the game.

Source: Android Police