Reno the Bounty Hunter is the 53rd Legend of Brawlhalla

You know that a game works well when it has more than 50 playable characters. And Brawlhalla is well past that now, with the announcement of its 53rd fighter – the multi-armed insectoid gunslinger Reno the Bounty Hunter.

He has four laser blasters, a cool cape and hat, and a special orb robot called Orbot that can be used as a lasso. He also has three different outfits – Ferrymoth Reno, Widowmaker Reno, and Desperado Reno.

Reno will cost you 7,200 gold if you feel like collecting it. If you want to purchase all three different skins, they’ll cost you 1400 Mammoth Coins.

If you’ve never played Brawlhalla before, this is a lightning-fast platform recovery tool in the Smash Bros. mold. which is available on just about every platform that has ever existed.

You can click here to download it from play store right now, and if you like fun insect bounty hunters – or any of the other 52 legends – we highly recommend it.