Rise of Civilizations Mod APK & Mod IPA for 2019

Rise of Civilizations Mod APK & Mod IPA latest version v1.0.28.16 for 2019

The rise of civilizations is a place where you can experience 8 civilization, 27 heroes and real warfare in a mobile phone game.

Lilith games have done a great job of bringing out all these features on your mobile phone device.

The main special feature about this game is anyone can join the battle and leave battle at any time allowing true RTS gameplay because battles don’t happen Precalculated.

Moreover, All in-game action takes place on a single, enormous map inhabited by players and NPC characters.

Since there are more than 8 civilizations available in the game, you can choose anyone and make your clan grow into a superpower.

Sound interesting right this is what the game is all about, read until the end to know more about the game.

Limitless strategic possibilities are available in the game because you can pass new commands to your troops at any time in the game.

You can launch a feint at an enemy city, then circle back and meet up with your alliance army to capture a pass.

This Private servers we have developed will help you out in getting the unlimited resources of the game.

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Features of Rise of Civilizations Mod

  • Real-time battles.
  • Seamless world map and eight unique civilizations.
  • Plus exploration & investigation of teams.
  • And unrestricted troop movements in the game.
  • Plus many more such unlimited features are available in the game.
  • Download it now to explore out all those features.

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What’s New

  • Commander strength adjustments are revised.
  • Plus Lunar new year events are added in the game.
  • And minor bug fixes and improvements.

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Download Rise of Civilizations Mod APK v1.0.28.16




Follow the steps given below carefully to obtain maximum benefits of the Mod.

  • Download the above given Mod APK file.
  • And next, you have connect to any good Private VPN network.
  • Now refresh your server connections.
  • And wait for some time, you’ll on theRise of Civilizations Mod APK Private Servers.

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Download Rise of Civilizations Mod IPA v1.0.28.16

So for this, we are going to follow the DNS method for it.

    • Go to settings bar in your device.
    • And open wifi option.
    • There Click on i Icon.
    • Now click Change SSID name.
    • Now enter any one of the below-given DNS.
    DNS Servers:




    • Now refresh your connections and you’ll be on the Rise of Civilizations Private Servers Mod IPA.


Please give your suggestions and feedback about the private servers which will help us to grow further.