Risk of Rain 2 Cheat Guide (2021) Unlimited Coins [Farming Guide]

Risk of Rain 2 is a single as well as multiplayer shooting game which was created by Hopoo Games and issued by Gearbox Publishing. At a time, four players can play the game on the online multiplayer mode. It was released in a series with Risk of Rain which was out in 2013.

The objective is to control a survivor who has been abandoned on a planet away from earth. This planet contains not peoples but aliens. To stay alive, they need to improve their attacking as well as aggressive abilities.

What Do Lunar Coins Refer To?

Lunar coins are the mode of cash in Risk of Rain 2. These coins can be utilized to open different kinds of lunar accessories accessible in the game. The lunar coins likewise assist you to make Shrines active, Newt Alters, and in particular, the Artificer survivor. Before moving further, let us find out about the advantages we get from the lunar coins in the lunar accessories and every one of the things mentioned previously.

Risk of Rain 2
Risk of Rain 2

Shrines are the kind of interactive that mention the substances you might pass through while moving around under various conditions throughout the game. These things are fixed, however, you might collaborate with them as you explore one of them.

There are different kinds of unmanageable things like chests and plunder, drones, and so forth. One of the intractable which is available in the accompanying structures is the shrines: a special stepped area of gold, a shrine of blood, a sanctuary of possibility, a shrine of the forested areas, a shrine of the mountains, a shrine of battle, a shrine of command, etc.

How to Obtain Risk of Rain 2 Lunar Coins?

As we have effectively talked about the definition and the significance of lunar coins in the game Risk of Rain 2. Now let’s move further to think about the different methods of acquiring these lunar coins.

Risk of Rain 2
Risk of Rain 2

Some regular methods to obtain lunar coins are:

1. Lunar Coins can be gathered through opponents as they keep dropping the coins at a pace of 0.5%. Turret doesn’t give you any lunar coins on account of bugs.

2. When holding dots of fealty, on the off chance that you harm yourself, your area is progressed to the Hidden Realm for a moment. Now, you need to win the battle with a Twisted Scavenger to acquire 10 lunar coins.

3. At the point when you are at a tower in the Hidden Realm a Moment, and you harm yourself, at that point, you get an opportunity of obtaining 5 lunar coins.

Utility of Lunar Coins.

At the point when you gather Lunar Coins, it isn’t required for you to utilize them in that particular run. Regardless of whether you utilize the coins in that particular run from where you got them, they will be deposited.

You need to keep developing them until you score 11 from the start. No, you don’t need to just score 11 but initially, to access your Mage character, you need to have 11 Lunar Coins.

Risk of Rain 2
Risk of Rain 2

This is the spot from where you will be able to access Mage for 10 Lunar Coins. After you have set aside 11 Lunar Coins, follow these steps to get access to Mage. In the first place, you need to track down a blue stone with light blue spikes. You need to connect with that and afterward give it one Lunar Coin and it will give a Blue Orb.

After you have effectively opened the Lunar Portal, you’ll need to defeat the boss towards the end level. Instead of using the teleporter, utilize the Lunar Portal to go to the bazaar. In the Bazaar, you can pay off things or can even trade things. However, that isn’t the reason we are here, you need to save 10 Coins for the Mage.

Alternative Way of Acquiring Lunar Coins

Another method of acquiring various lunar coins is through a cheat which requires a particular arrangement of steps to be followed. The steps are:

Step 1- Open the Steam Folder in the C drive followed by Userdata.

Step 2- To the one folder that should have been in there.

Step 3- Open the envelope named 632360, which is the RoR2 folder.

Step 4- In the Remote folder, at that point, click UserProfiles Folder. An XML document shows up. Open it in Notepad.

Step 5- On the document, when you read four lines down, <coin></coin> shows up, introducing the number of coins you own. On the off chance that there is an issue in tracking down this, go to the Edit menu, click find and type “coin” in the clear box that shows up at that point, click on “Find Next.”

Step 6- Presently you can enter the number of coins you need. You need to change the offered value to whatever you need to save the file.

Risk of Rain 2
Risk of Rain 2

There aren’t yet numerous approaches for farming the Lunar Coins. However, what has been decided is that they are casually produced drops after you attack opponents.

After you attack your opponent, they will show up over the opponent as Silver Coins. It isn’t required that you will discover them as they are arbitrary, however when you do, rapidly gather them and get back on your game.



If you play Risk of Rain 2, you can use this guide to know everything about the Lunar Coins and the methods which can be used to acquire them in-game. If you have any queries regarding the Risk of Rain 2 Lunar Coins, then do let us know about it in the comments section below.