Risk of Rain 2 Tier List [JUNE 2021] (Latest Characters)

Risk Of Rain 2 Tier List Updated 2021: The most vital part of computer games is their characters. Various characters have various capacities to handle the world, so every gamer should choose his gaming characters very efficiently. Considering that you are a big fan of the Risk of Rain 2 and you are very interested in exploring its Character Tier List, you are indeed at the ideal spot. Here, we have enrolled every one of the well-known and amazing characters of the game.

Risk of Rain 2 is a significantly extraordinary game, so it is getting increasingly well known. The game highlights various characters and dependent on their viability, they are classified distinctively in the Tier List. You should know the Risk of Rain 2 characters to play the game viably.


Character Tier List of Risk of Rain 2 (2021)

To play Risk of Rain 2, you will come across four types of character tiers at present- A-Tier, B-Tier, S-Tier, and C-Tier. Each of these classifications of characters is unique to one another. Each character in the A, B, S, and C Tiers consists of its power, ability, and uniqueness. We should get on to the insights concerning each character of the tiers now.

1. The Mercenary- An A-Tier Character.

The Mercenary is the only well-known returning character in the game. He is said to be a very skilled character. Being a character belonging to the A-Tier, it has numerous remarkable capacities to withstand during the game and to help the gamers play it efficiently. The Mercenary is a Melee Survivor that makes use of a lot of loopholes in the game to battle and assists the principal character with overcoming the game.

Character Specifications:

• It can effectively jump twice only with a single click.

• Not only Front harm could be 130% but also the third strike could harm the space of 300%.

• Can strike on a level plane to harm twofold the region.

• Is known to part uppercut to harm up to 400% region.

• Run forward for hitting up the opponents.

• Enables the gamer to fire wind of blades to destroy up to 8x territory.

2. Mul-T- An A-Tier Character.

Mul-T can be accessed by just finishing the given assignment in the game. This is one more remarkable character that brings several new capacities for you to discover as the Mul-T character. If you go for this character’s abilities, then it is a multi-useful character with numerous skills.

Character Specifications:

• An auto nail gun can shoot nails for 60% harm. At the point when you first press the nail gun, it would begin shooting 6 nails all at once.

• A piece launcher can fire an arcing hunk to burst nearby to make 360% harm.

• The Force Saw harms the nearby opponents up to 1000%.

• Blast Canister sends off an amazing shock character for 220% harm.

3. Rex- A B-Tier Character.

Rex is an exclusive character in the game who has acquired huge fame among the best Risk of Rain 2 characters. This exceptional character is a multi-purpose one that causes dangerous harm to the opponents with its double, robot, and plant abilities to harm from much distance.

Character Specifications:

• Blows out common poisons to deteriorate the opponents to decrease the speed of protections and harm to the foes.

• Directive Inject fires three needles to make harm of 3*80%.

• Seed Barrage and Directive Drill dispatch another mortar high and lots of seed shots into the sky to make 450% harm respectively.

4. Artificer- A C-Tier Character.

Artificer is one more well-known selection of characters in which you can decide to play the Risk of Rain 2 characters tier as it is playable by anybody. It’s a C-Tier character in the game that flaunts some remarkable force. The Artificer character can be achieved by finishing the test named Pause.

Character Specifications:

• Fame Bolt fires a bolt to burst the foes for making harms up to 220%.

• A plasma bolt is a volatile bolt that can be tossed out to the space of opponents. It can cause up to 250% harm.

• The Charged Nano bomb is there to surprise the opponents and to make harm of up to 400% to 1200%.

• Cast Nano-skewer is utilized to charge the piercing nano-stick. It can harm up to 400-1200% of the space.

5. Commando- A C-Tier Character.

Commando is another interesting playable character in the Risk of Rain 2 game. It’s a repetitive character from the principal version. This character is easily accessible to players since the start of the game with no unique test or challenge. The best Risk of Rain character has restricted abilities but is praise-worthy to make the game more interesting to you.

Character Specifications:

• Phase Round is an interesting capacity where the character shoots a penetrating shot to hit the opponents and to make up to 230% harm.

• Phase Blast is there to fire short proximity impacts that cause 8*200% harm.

• Tactical Dive is an extraordinary capacity of this character to roll a brief distance.

• Frag Grenade makes harm of 175%. This explosive makes more harm to the middle point.

6. Loader- A S-Tier Character.

Loader is one of the top characters in the Risk of Rain 2 Tier List since it has all the specifications that a gamer requires while playing the monsoon trouble. It smoothly moves sideways or crosswise inside the gameplay. Additionally, loaders have amazing harm output and a pleasant kit, which can easily handle the monsoon difficulty.

With exceptional flexibility, the loader even has high harming clench hands. The boundaries made in the ongoing gameplay can be absorbed rapidly by the loader, as it can give a lot of harm.


Professional gamers need to keep a note of the Risk of Rain 2 character level list according to the gameplay. Most of the professional gamers have tracked down that the Monsoon Difficulty in the game is the hardest test and it requires an exceptional character to endure this test. Irrespective of whether you are a solo gamer or playing the game’s multiplayer mode, you must respect all the characters as each has its speciality.