Rusty Lake Hotel, the point-and-click surreal adventure, is free now on Android

Rusty Lake Hotel, the highly acclaimed and weirdly disturbing adventure game from developer Rusty Lake, is currently free to celebrate six years on the Google Play Store.

The giveaway is in keeping with the studio’s remarkably generous attitude to its library of cult adventure games, all located in the fictional village of Rusty Lake. Earlier this year, he made his entire Cube Escape series free to download forever.

In case you are not familiar with Rusty Lake Hotel, it is an adventure game consisting of six different rooms full of very inventive puzzles. Plot-wise, it all revolves around five dinners attended by various guests and staff, during which the story unfolds in a frightening way.

Rusty Lake Hotel is a distinctive and well-constructed adventure game with a very impressive average score of 4.8 out of over 13,000 reviews. This is not an easy task.

So you would be a fool not to download it now free.