Save three dollars on the amazing dead cells right now

Dead Cells is one of those games that you really have to play. Last month the game was updated with a whole slew of new content. And now you can get it back for three dollars less than usual.

The game is called a roguevania, mixing the random nature of roguelike with the sprawling world of a metroidvania. It’s a lot of words.

There is a pretty heavy challenge here. You are going to have to master a fairly complex combat system if you want to be successful. There are minions, there are bosses, and you have to learn their blueprints to be successful.

The Legacy update that landed last month added even more to the experience, with new difficulty settings, new bosses, new weapons and more.

And right now, you can pick up all of these qualities for just $ 5.99. That’s a savings of three dollars off the regular price of $ 8.99. Click here and you can grab Dead Cells from the Google Play Store for this new low price.

Have you ever played Dead Cells? Do you have a question to ask before buying? Either way, use the comments section at the bottom of this paragraph here to shout your words into the digital void.