Star Trek Calendar to Celebrate First Contact Day with a Limited Time Gift

Star Trek Timelines, the popular RPG from developer Wicked Realm Games that covers the many intertwined strands of the Star Trek franchise, is hosting a giveaway to celebrate First Contact.

If you’re a Star Trek fan, you already know that First Contact Day is held on April 5 every year to celebrate the first human-vulcan interaction.

This celebrated event took place on April 5, 2063, resulting in a bloodbath and destruction of countless sites of historical and cultural significance.

I’m just kidding. They became intergalactic besties on the spot.

Between April 5 and 19, you’ll be able to claim a free 5-Star Behold Pack, guaranteeing you Phoenix Cochrane, Satin Dress Lily Sloane, or C.O.P. Picard founder.

Additionally, from April 1 to April 15, you can win George and Gracie, the humpback whales saved by Spock and Kirk in Star Trek IV, and between April 1 and 13, new players will be offered a $ 1 monthly card. valued at $ 4, granting 100 Dilithium per day for 30 days.

You can download Star Trek Timelines for free now on the Google Play Store.