The excellent Door Kickers games cost just 99c each right now on Android

The excellent Door kickers and more Door Kickers: Action Squad are both 99c right now on the Google Play Store, down $ 3.99 and $ 2.99 respectively.

Developed by Killhouse Games, Door Kickers is an acclaimed action strategy game where you command a SWAT team infiltrating an enemy stronghold and killing everyone, preferably after breaking down a door.

Door Kickers is widely acclaimed across all platforms, thanks to its sleek interface, clever level design, open gameplay, and well-judged difficulty. It is well worth a dollar.

Door Kickers: Action Squad is a pretty drastic sequel, removing a lot of the tactics and replacing it with raw side-scrolling action – though there are still some strategic abilities to consider.

Both games are rated very well, with average scores over 4.5 / 5. They also make a good pair, with two drastically different approaches to tactical combat, so you can buy them both without the guilt.