Top games similar to borderlands you should play

You have roamed around and fight the enemies of Pandora, Sanctuary and other areas, completed the quests, side missions and enjoyed next level weapons in the game Borderlands. But after playing them all, you must be wondering what you should do with your life now. Well, we have got you covered. Here is a list of games similar to borderlands which you can play

Dawn Zero Horizon

First and foremost, this game has amazing graphics and a really gripping storyline. The world of this game is full of arsenal weapons, robots and you have to fight the, and discover the secrets. It has the ability to take you to their world and is really addictive.


It is a single-player game and closest to borderlands. Although it does not provide the same upgraded weapons but the action and combat is still fun and you can change your vehicle to fight better as well. It has a devastating post-apocalyptic world that has mutants and monsters. The graphics are incredible.

Borderlands 2

Second in the series of borderlands. It is an action, single-player videogame. In which the player can use loads of guns, there is a lot of shooting and it has a great storyline which keeps you hooked up and curious to know what will happen next. There are loot hunts and endgame missions which makes it more interesting.


It has a lot of features similar to borderlands including the looting- shooting thing, amazing arsenal weapons which the layer can use only one at a time that makes it even more special, and it contains raids to test the skills. The player can use the loot to fight with his enemies and monsters.

Dead Island

You can play this game with a group of friends. The whole island gets infected and people turn into zombies. The group should find out what happened and things to survive and settle. The structure of the game is similar to borderlands. All players have their unique skills similar to vault hunters.

Fall out 4

It offers so much more than borderlands and one of the bests Sole Survivor games. The player basically survived a nuclear war and he has to rebuild the world around him and his every action will impact his life in a different way.

Risk of rain 2

It is a multiplayer 3D game. Each player has different skills and each level has its own enemies and battles, just like borderlands. You try to protect the teleporter which allows you to move around between the worlds. It contains secrets and provides interesting mechanics and is the best fit for borderlands players.

The Division

It is a group of people made by the US government which helps to restore peace. You fight the looter gangs and try to find the cure for the plague occurred in NYC. The have raids, weapons like no other games have, and a great visualization.

These games are a lot similar to borderlands and you will like them just the same.