What to give a musician for Christmas: 10 ideas

Winter is on the calendar, the elegant snowflakes are spinning outside the window in a unique dance, and the holiday we’ve all been waiting for – Christmas is just around the corner. Christmas holidays are filled with magic, the atmosphere of fairy tales and anticipation of a real miracle. And each of us can create that miracle for our loved ones with attention, care, and, of course, nice gifts. And in order to choose a gift that will not turn into tiresome shopping, we decided to share with you our ideas, which will surely help to please musicians of any skill level.

If ordinary gifts are difficult, gifts for those involved in music are doubly so. If you still haven’t figured out what to get a musician, here are 10 gift ideas that will make musicians, recording engineers, and producers happy.

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1. sE Electronics Metal Pro Pop Shield Pop Filter

What to give a musician for Christmas

A lightweight, flexible and durable filter from sE Electronics would be a great idea what to get the musician for the next holiday. Especially if he is constantly working with speech or vocals.

Maybe the pop filter is not the coolest thing in the studio, but behind the absurdity it hides the highest importance of the task. It is thanks to it you can record vocals cleanly and with high quality, even at home.

2. Wireless headphones Marshall Monitor II A.N.C.

What to give a musician for Christmas

Marshall Monitor II A.N.C. has an active noise canceling system, a built-in EQ with three presets, and an enduring battery. Even with active use and always on “noise canceling” model can work up to 30 hours.

However, the most important thing here is not the duration and richness of functions, but the sound quality. The frequency characteristics of the Marshall Monitor II A.N.C. are not the most outstanding, but even in this case the model can easily handle any music and brings pleasure to every track.

And they are much more comfortable and comfortable than the super-popular Marshall Major, which makes your ears fall off after a few hours. All in all, a great way to give a musician to learn new tracks.

3. External SSD drive

What to give a musician for Christmas

Song projects, samples, instrument libraries, and other music content quickly eat up space on your computer’s hard drive. To solve the storage problem, an external SSD drive will help, which will not only hold all the files, but also provide a high speed of reading and writing content compared to the usual external hard drive.

A good option is the Samsung SSD T5, which comes in storage capacity versions from 250GB to 2TB. Thanks to its high speed and reliability, the drive can also be used for backing up projects and storing an extensive library of various audio content.

4. Cremacaffè Design musical equipment stands


What to give a musician for Christmas

Wooden stands for studio and music equipment from Cremacaffè Design will improve the ergonomics of the studio, and at the same time allow you to more conveniently place the musical devices on any surface, whether it is a table, sofa or bedside table.

According to the creators, the look and design of the stands are designed to make using the equipment as comfortable as possible. For each of the more than 100 supported devices, Cremacaffè Design engineers selected the ideal angle and height, which makes using the devices more efficient.

5. Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Synthesizer

What to give a musician for Christmas

The size of the tiny Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator shouldn’t be embarrassing – the small package contains enormous possibilities. The devices easily fit in the palm of your hand and are ready to create music on the go, so you can make music anywhere.

The Pocket Operator collection includes nine devices that take the place of bass and regular synthesizers, drum machines, samplers, and other instruments. The devices sound decent and are ready to create new tracks right out of the box.

All in all, if you don’t know what to give to a musician, but you really want to make him or her excited, look at the Pocket Operator.

6. Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Studio Pack recording kit

What to give a musician for Christmas

The Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Studio Pack combines everything a beginning musician needs to get started. The kit includes a Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen audio interface, a CM25 MKIII condenser microphone, HP60 MKIII closed headphones and connection cables.

In addition to equipment, the kit also includes a variety of software for working with music. With this kit you can easily learn the basics of sound recording, experiment with sound and make your first self-recorded track.

7. MIDI keyboard

What to give a musician for Christmas

A MIDI keyboard is a must for the modern recording studio and an indispensable assistant for the musician and producer. The controller frees your hands, minimizing the need to reach for the mouse to switch settings or activate commands of any commands in programs.

With a MIDI keyboard you can control a digital recording studio or play virtual instruments such as drums or synthesizers. All this increases the efficiency of the musician during work, and the studio itself becomes much more convenient.

8. Isolation stand for the microphone

What to give a musician for Christmas

The home studio is often a story about working in an unprepared recording room. Microphone baffles isolate reflections that can corrupt the signal and allow you to record vocals or instruments cleaner and better at home.

The sound-absorbing panel is a foam-lined plastic plate that reduces unpleasant echoes. The panel attaches to the microphone stand and fits all microphones. It’s all good for you.

9. Studio Chair

What to give a musician for Christmas

Making music is a story about sitting in front of a computer for hours on end. For this reason, a quality chair becomes one of the key accessories in the studio.

Most musicians sit on whatever they can find: stools, small chairs, inexpensive office chairs. And while all this furniture is probably quite comfortable, an ergonomic chair will make your time in the studio much more comfortable. Your back and spine will definitely be happy with such a gift.

10. Studio monitors

What to give a musician for Christmas

Studio monitors are the key to quality sounding compositions. The more accurate your studio monitors sound, the better the results the musician achieves in the studio. In addition, only through the monitors can you hear the real sound of your tracks.

If a musician doesn’t have monitors, the next holiday is the perfect time to get them. Choosing the right acoustics is not difficult: there are dozens of quality models on the market for any budget, from affordable PreSonus Eris E5 XT to expensive but almost perfect APS Klasik 2020.