Bright Paw is an escape puzzle starring a crime-solving cat

If you died, your cat would eat you. But Bright Paw’s cat would avenge your death by solving your murder and apprehending the culprit.

Latest title from publisher Rogue Games, Bright Paw is an escape room style puzzle with over 70 levels and 180 hidden collectibles.

It lets you navigate a series of intricate and well-presented steps, while a narrator enthusiastically comments on your progress. He looks a bit like Danny Wallace in Thomas Was Alone.

Narration is provided by a professional voice actor, and the soundtrack is available for purchase separately, so developer Radical Forge clearly hasn’t cut corners in terms of production values.

User reviews so far have been overwhelmingly positive, although there are only six at the time of writing.

To try Bright Paw for yourself, download it now on the Google Play Store.