Download Wildscapes Latest Hack v1.4.1 – 100% Working

For most of the people in this world, the most important thing for them is always money and even the care about the rare resources like Gold, Diamond, platinum, Petroleum which is non-renewable things.

But they don’t care about the things that really needs to be preserved and it’s non-other than our wildlife. Some rare species at the dangerous extinction which hardly needs protection in order to develop their family.

Though the government are giving their best to protect wildlife, yet it needs to come out from the people if these organisms need to live for a long time.

There is a saying that if the whole wildlife is gone, then there are chances that the world might be completely destroyed and no living organisms will be present thereafter.

And this game wildscapes is actually for those people who really love zoo and animal things and the title of the game itself indicates you what the game is all about.

Yes, this is a game where you have to develop a zoo and attract visitors and you can play puzzles to develop out your zoo in the game.

This game Wildscapes was actually developed by Playrix, speaking about Playrix whether you guys know or not that this is their 5th mobile game and before that they have released 4 games and among them, 3 games namely Township, homscapes, Gardenscapes are all 100 million times downloaded games and only Fishdom has 50 million downloads.

Small info about the Wildscapes

  • This game wildscapes is a zoo-based game where you have to develop your zoo using paw coins or diamonds and you can earn them freely by playing puzzles.


  • As you level up in the game you can unlock out various animals and various types of forests as you progress in the game.


  • Change animals to the places where you want to keep out them as you like and decorate yours with a variety of trees and many materials.


  • Also satisfy the customer requirements like do them whatever they want in the zoo, also build a coffee shop, restroom, tea space, meditation centre and anything the customer requires from you.


  • Play puzzles in the game to earn coins and remember you have solved the puzzle within the given no of moves, so if you are not able to complete then use boosters which will help you to complete the level sooner.


  • Also, there are lives if you lose puzzles and your lives will be decreased if you want it to get filled then wait up for some time.


  • Plus you’ll earn stars after you complete puzzles and earn 20 stars from them to unlock chest which will give you special rewards.


  • And there are regular events conducted, so participate in them to earn multi rewards.

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Features of Wildscapes Hack

  • First of all, you’ll be getting the primary resources of the game like Coins and Diamonds unlimited which is the most important part and if you got them unlimited you’ll be the king of this game for sure.


  • And next thing our hack gives you is an advantage getting level up sooner so that you can improve out your zoo faster than others too.


  • Plus unlock out varies types of arenas like Savannah, Tundra region, rainforest faster than others.


  • Next, get more decorative items than other players with our Hack.


  • And you’ll get some exclusive rewards in puzzle mode too, that you can get unlimited no of moves so that you can easily complete the level without thinking about moves.


  • Also gets unlimited boosters which you can use it to complete the level faster.


  • And also you have high chances of getting 3 stars in our hack mode too so that you can open more chests too.

Download Wildscapes Hack APK v1.4.1

We are going to follow our same traditional method for installing the Hack file on your Android device.

  • First, download the above-given Hack APK file on your device.


  • Then connect to any good VPN.


  • Mostly connect to any countries nearer to you country.


  • And make sure the server connections are good enough.


  • Now make a clean installation of the hack file.


  • Once you got into our hack, enter the number of unlimited resources you want.


  • After getting the required amount of unlimited resources to start exploring the Wildscapes.


Download Wildscapes Hack IPA v1.4.1

The process for iOS is more or less similar to the APK one but with minor changes.

This is box title




  • First, download the Mod IPA file using the above-given link.


  • Now connect your phone to PC.


  • Open iTunes application on your PC and select your device.


  • Mark your downloaded private servers IPA file and press sync.


  • After app transfer disconnect your phone now.


  • Now you will be automatically connected to the servers.



Will you regularly update the hack?

Yes, we update our hack once per month, so make sure you subscribe to us for receiving the regular updates.

What are the unlimited resources will I get with this hack?

Most of the primary and important resources of the game you’ll get unlimited.

What if the hack doesn’t work for me?

Simple, just contact us and we will help you.


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