Download Wildscapes Latest Mod APK & IPA v1.4.1

We all know that this earth not only meant for humans, every living organisms has the equal right to live this world, but we humans act against the law of nature and obtain other animals space and kill them for thei space, meat.

Due to this lots of rare species have got extinct from this world, and to preserve some rare species and to show people the importance of wildlife lots of zoo has been created out across the world. And since the love from the people for wild animals has started to grow and the killing rate of animals also got decreased.

And this game wildscapes takes that concept to make a change in the form of game and present it to the people to give us enjoyment and show us their importance.

Playrix is always known for providing out the best games of all time, and their previous game releases itself tells us that how successful their previous games were.

Their previous games like Homescapes, Gardenscapes, Fishdom, Township were still among the top 10 grossing games every year and this fact itself shows us the success of their games.

And in this biggest successful lineup, they have added a new game called as Wildscapes, like based on a puzzle playing zoo developing concept.

The concept of this game is actually so simple, just you need to develop a zoo and give the necessary facilities the visitor’s needs from you.

For doing those things you need gold, which you can obtain from playing puzzles, and by clearing the puzzles you’ll get gold which you can use it to develop your zoo.

And in order to unlock out different features in the game, then you need to actually level up, for that you need to unlock a different kind of features in the game first.

So this game though being have a same kind of touch like their previous games Homescapes, Gardenscapes this game is still performing well only because of its uniqueness and love from the people for this kind of game.

Features of Wildscapes Mod

Get unlimited Gold Coins

So this is the most important primary feature in this game like without these coins you can’t even able to move further in this game actually.

Because from getting levelling up to unlocking a new feature to change the look of your zoo, you certainly need gold for everything in the game.

And the only legal way to get more golds in the game is by playing puzzles and by buying golds from the shop for that you need to spend in your money.

But with the help of our Mod, you’ll be getting unlimited no of Gold in the game.

Get Unlimited Diamonds

This is the next most important feature in the game next to gold, Diamond is a token which you can use it to get extra lives and get boosters along with gettting more gold. Since diamond is very useful in these many ways, so that’s why we thought about giving you extra diamonds in our Mod.

More Lives Now

Yes, its true, you’ll more no of lives with your Mod, Lives are the one which is activated when you play puzzles. Your lives get decreased when you lost puzzles and once all your lives have gone then you need to wait for nearly 1-2 hrs for getting the full life.

Get More Boosters

Boosters play an important role when you play puzzles, by using of these boosters you can easily clear the level of puzzles. So literally boosters are a thing which helps you to finish the puzzles easier.

Unlock More Arenas

With the help of our Mod, you can unlock out all the varieties of the arena in the game faster than your friends or anyone.

Download Wildscapes Latest Mod APK v1.4.1

Simply follow the simple procedures given below to install the Mod file on your APK device.

  • First Download the above given Mod file.
  • Then before installing it connects to any good VPN.
  • Make sure the connections are good.
  • Connect your VPN to any nearest Strongest VPN network.
  • Now install the mod on your device.
  • Then once opened, enter the game and start enjoying your unlimited resources.

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Download Wildscapes Latest Mod IPA v1.4.1

So the process of iOS is a bit tougher than the APK, but don’t worry follow our steps carefully.

  • While installing this Mod, make sure that you don’t have any old versions of the game on your device otherwise there are chances that your old account details might get lost.
  • Now download and install the file on your device.
  • Then give required permissions on your device when it asks for installation.
  • Now connect to a VPN as like apk one.
  • Then after installing login with a new mail id which you haven’t used it in Playrix.
  • Now start playing the game.


Will the Mod Works on my Device?

If your device has the requirements to play wildscapes, then our mod will surely work.

Are the resources on this mod is Limited?

No, Features like Coins, Diamonds, Boosters are unlimited. You can add as much as you want.

What if the Mod Doesn’t Work for Me?

If it Doesn’t work for you then you might no have followed the steps right, so do the steps once again in a right way, if still the problem exists contact us, we will help you.


Please give us feedback on our Mod in the comments section below.