Golf Skies is a casual golf game featuring planetoids

Golf Skies, from developer Starpolygon, is in an interesting casual golf game with a gravitational twist on everyone’s favorite way to spoil a good walk.

Of course, every game of golf involves gravity, but the gravity in Golf Skies is more intense. The object of the game is to aim your little golf ball around an array of extremely dense – yet cool enough to support life – planetoids with their own gravitational fields.

This means pulling back to adjust the power and letting go to throw your ball in the air. Once he’s aloft, you can telekinize him until your stamina runs out.

Everything you would expect to find in a game of golf is here, including bunkers, fairways, rough terrain, trees, water traps, and more, but they’re all attached to circular floaters. There are also birds.

Golf Skies offers six courses, leaderboards, achievements, power-ups, cloud saving. We can’t say if it’s good, because it’s not released yet, but you can pre-registration for Golf Skies now on the Google Play Store.