Here’s how Big Brother: the game will work

Big Brother: The Game is coming October 15 and developer 9th Impact has contacted Pocket player to explain how the innovative project will work once it is launched.

Players will have the choice of becoming either competitors or spectators. Those who choose the path of the candidates will be distributed among different houses of ten people, with roommates able to communicate with each other via DMs.

These virtual roommates will have to play a competitive game every morning to determine the head of the house, who will then be responsible for appointing two fellow roommates for the eviction. The other roommates vote for their favorite evict.

Once the roommates are reduced to one, the winner will move into a new house made up of other winners. And so on until a final winner is established next May.

Onlookers will not be able to watch, it seems, that the evicted will be able to enter the house regardless of the level at which they crashed, as long as there is space available.

Interesting. Big Brother: The Game will be released on October 15.