Kartrider Rush + Gets New Championship Mode In Season 3 Update

Kartrider Rush +, Nexon’s incredibly polished and complete rival to Mario Kart, has just entered Season 3.

The latest update adds a number of new features, including new karts, new characters, and an all-new mode called Championship Mode, which will be open for a limited time between September 10 and September 22.

Championship mode allows players to engage in 4v4 matches with NPC opponents. If they can use their Ultimate Skill and win five consecutive matches, they will become the Ultimate Champion. And who doesn’t want that?

The new karts, meanwhile, include White Knight, Iceball, the Emperor’s New Car, and more, with Ice Throne being the theme of the update.

Kartrider Rush + has also received a number of changes. For example, BFFs with a link of 500 or more can now team up to become Soulmates, earning special rewards for completing quests together.

There’s also a new Pet Breakthrough system, which isn’t as cruel as it might sound.

To experience season 3 in all its glory, download Kartrider Rush + for free now from the Google Play Store.