Machinka Museum is a Plug in Digital chamber puzzle, available on Android next month

Plug in Digital, the publisher behind the recent unmemory text-based adventure, is set to release a Room-esque environmental puzzle called Machinka Museum next month.

The game, which looks a lot like The Room, lets you manipulate objects to solve puzzles in a series of eerily calm environments. You know, like in The Room.

To be fair, plug digital cops into this similarity in Google Play Store blurb, and even add a few more influences for good measure, including Myst, The Witness, and Machinarium.

Plug in Digital promises mind-blowing puzzles, a mysterious atmosphere, wonderful graphics and intuitive touch controls. There is also a fascinating story that revolves around extraterrestrial civilizations.

In fact, the title museum is dedicated to aliens, and the items you stroke are all alien artifacts. What are they? Who sent them? Solve enough puzzles and you will find out.

You can pre-registration at the Machinka Museum on the Google Play Store now. It will be released on April 20.