Netmarble unveils A3: Still Alive, a Dark Fantasy game combining open-world RPG and Battle Royale

Netmarble has lifted the lid on A3: Still Alive, the first mobile spin-off of the popular Korean multiplayer game A3.

A3: Still Alive is set in a “beautifully dark” apocalyptic world of swords and witchcraft, and sees players let off steam in a huge open world environment trying to kill each other.

The game takes place in an always open PvP environment, while the combat is hack and slash type. Netmarble claims it contains elements of both the open world RPG and battle royale. The same less-than-unbiased source credits the game with console-quality 3D graphics.

You can pre-register for A3: Still Alive now. The rewards for this improve as more and more people sign up, with 200,000 registrations culminating in a prize of 200,000 gold and 1,000,000 for every level 60 Hero Armor player. Rewards are also available for sharing the trailer on social media and inviting friends.

Check A3: Still Alive website for more details on all of this, and go here to pre-register on Google Play.