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Our hero in Tower Tapper is a little snail called Snailie. Snailie is in love with Snailine and has his first date with her on a tower roof. He absolutely needs to get there in time but there are many hindrances on the way!  Can you help him meet his fiancé?

Tower Tapper is a variation of Jump´n´Run / Platformer mix. Instead of Jump and Run you gonna crawl and hop.

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Lazy undertakers have misplaced important coffins into tricky locations near different cemeteries. Now they have called Charlie Chucker to assist them chucking the unhappy corpses to rest!

Charlie Chucker introduces new innovative gameplay mechanics, black humour seasoned with an unique cartoony art style.

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Far away in the jungle near the Limpopo River Happy Hippos live. Every year the Happy Hippos organise a fruit eating festival with fruits brought to them by a stream from the waterfall. They dress up in their best-looking outfits and participate in many competitions, all fighting for the Champion Title!

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Once, there was a system failure at a candy factory. The mechanisms of the factory wedged and the blocks of sweets were scattered all over the sweet world. Now an airplane-bomber has got a very important task –  to clear all the blocks!

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Drive the Smagnetron spaceship through 100 levels of stellar physics-based puzzles with your ability as a single resource to overcome the obstacles that arise on your way. Embark on a beautiful and absorbing journey through the Universe and explore new constellations, discover Smagnetron!

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SwingBox takes you on a swingy, bumpy and colorful rhythmic trip!
Keep your tempo, improve your skill, be the master of swings with every color and sound. Swipe your finger or tilt the device to roll SwingBox to the right color on time!

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The Stunt Bunnies Circus is in town and Jet Bunny needs your help! Wow the crowd and pluck the tumbling circus rabbits from certain death. Ringmaster Claude Reynard, like all sly foxes, cares little for the safety of the cute Stunt Bunnies troupe. With each show he introduces more fiendish death defining acts for them to perform…

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