Clash Royale New Prince Draft Challenge – Winning Strategies

Clash Royale New Prince Draft Challenge – Winning Strategies

Clash Royale one of the historic game which has been created out by Supercell after their success of clash of clans, but the surprising element is that clash royale has become way more popular than the clash of clans and it can be seen from the no of players who were playing the game no.
According to the recent survey, the no of players playing clash royale is higher than those who were playing clash of clans.

That’s mainly due to the new challenges they keep on giving regularly every 3 days and every challenge was unique from each other and as a result, lots of people are still loving this game.

Now the recent challenge update by Clash royale is Prince Draft Challenge, though seems like a small challenge, getting a king emote as a reward makes it worth trying it.

It’s not the only reward you’ll be getting with a win, you will also get rewards like

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11000 Gold
22 Prince Card
31 Gold chest
42000 Gold Coin
51 Giant Chest
6King Special Emote
Prince Draft Challenge

Prince Draft Challenge Winning Tips & Strategies

This event seems like a no loss timer event which means you can play until you get all those rewards, so there would be no need to pay gems in order to continue as the way in other challenges.

Yet in order to make this one faster and quicker, we recommend you to select your cards carefully because you can’t do anything about those 4 cards opponent is giving you.

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