The Room: Old Sins Android Google Play

The three room suites are updated this weekend on Android

Fireproof Games is holding a sale on three of its four Android titles – all of which are part of the successful BAFTA winner The Room franchise.

While The Room, the first game in the series, is still at its normal price of 99c, its three suites are all updated. You can get The Room 2 at half price for 99c, The Room 3 at half price for $ 1.99 and The Room: Old Sins for $ 2.99, compared to $ 4.99.

If you haven’t experienced them yet, The Room games are a series of perfectly presented and beautifully designed first-person puzzles in a succession of creeping Gothic rooms. They involve playing with arcane mechanisms that resemble the cube in Hellraiser.

While the Fireproof Games library is not unknown, it is as inexpensive as The Room 2 and The Room 3 have ever been.

So, if you feel a scary and claustrophobic spell of problem solving that could cheer you up in these difficult times, you should consult the Fireproof Games page on Google Play.